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PDT Future Leaders is a group for young people from all professions who are looking to make an impact and realise their ambitions to be the next generation of industry leaders. 


About us

PDT Future Leaders provides an opportunity for young professionals to enhance their careers by thinking about their development outside of their day to day work, and to network, meet new people, share experiences and build connections for now and the future, as we all prepare to become the next generation of industry leaders. 

We host events with an emphasis on what the future looks like in various professions and industries, and how you can be a part of that. The aim is to educate young professionals to help achieve your ambitions, focusing on a variety of different themes that will provide you with invaluable advice and ideas as you progress through your career. 

At each event we join forces with another firm or company to bring you the best and most relevant information as to how you can develop your skills and realise your goal to become a future leader. The events are always educational, creative, interactive and of course fun! There is also always an opportunity for networking to increase your confidence in marketing yourself and to make connections of your own. 

PDT Future Leaders events are supported by PDT Solicitors who is committed to supporting the development of business within the south east.


We look forward to seeing you 

Venue: PDT Solicitors, Horsham

Date: Thursday 19th March

Time: 6.00pm

Next Seminar:

The Communication Clinic

PDT Solicitors                         19 March 20      6pm

Premier House,

36-48 Queen Street 


RH13 5AD

Practical tips on how to communicate and interact effectively across all mediums with clients and other professionals.

Effective communication has to be developed, honed and added to continually. As young professionals it’s difficult to achieve the right balance between finding your personal communication style and getting your point across in the best way to build better and more effective work relationships. Our next seminar will focus on getting this balance right.

Whether it’s an email or a letter with a client, colleague or other professional, we will discuss how you can communicate with impact and how you can best tailor your response depending on who, when and how you are communicating.

We’re very excited about the next seminar and hope you can join us.

Who should attend?

The events are open to anyone from any industry who is at a stage in their career where they want to expand their network and build relationships with other ambitious young professionals.

Meet the hosts

We work at PDT Solicitors as trainees, newly qualified and junior lawyers. One of the things we identified as a group was that we all have aspirations to strengthen our personal careers in the firm, to help in the growth of the firm and ultimately become the future leaders.

We wanted the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with like-minded young professionals in other industries. We also wanted to meet other young professionals at a similar stage of their careers, to make our own connections and get better at networking. We are really encouraged to get involved in business development, but this can be hard when you are early on in your career. We looked for a group in the South East that would cater for this, but instead we decided to create our own!

We hope you can join us.

Sian Webber
Holly Goacher
Chehraz Fox
Aimee Hunter
Laura McMaster
Oliver Parsons
Emily Parry
Daisy Chenery
Amy Brown
Victoria Jackson
Kieran Cummins
Sian Walker
Kelly Wheller

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